Training House  Solutions Centre

Once the consumer/shopper is inside the retail outlet, he/she gets distracted by the variety of communications going on in the store. Over 67% of buying decisions are made at the point of sales where the interest of sales people, retailers, manufacturers and shoppers converge. Our services consist of such things as on shelf displays, in store merchandising, demos, service visits, new store set ups, product knowledge training, category based plan-o-gram designs, promotional product distribution and sales data management etc. Companies are looking for part time and full time support that we can offer as a one stop shop. We can provide you experienced personnel to carry out a wide variety of support network activities in the following areas:


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Promotional Services

• Influencing the Retail salesmen

• Deployment of promotional teams for in-store marketing

• Sampling activities

• Customer liaison and demonstrations

• Stall operations

Mystery Shopping

• Assess customer satisfaction levels

• Better target your training needs

• Report competitive strength and weaknesses

• Confirm employee commitment

• Compliance to internal controls


• Telemarketing lead generations

• Call centre support

• Market Intelligence Services

• Product Promotions

• Customer Satisfaction

• Database updating

• Third party verifications

Brand Activation

• In-store demonstrations

• Consumer PR activities (Sharing Brand information, Brochures etc.)

• Consumer Events/Trials

• Targeted Consumer Sampling

• Activity based promotions/offers

• Channel specific Activities

Web Tools (Your eye on retail)

• Evaluate your plan-o-gram compliance

• Assess promotion program compliance

• Understand competition’s retail presence & promotions

• Online review at store level information through Digital Photos

• Providing 24/7 access to real-time store data

Designing and Printing

Our company develops Retail Communication strategy and supports us in following areas:

• Creative Solution for Visual Merchandising

• Design & Print Solution for Point of Sale Material

• Brand Integration at Point of Sale

Information Management

• Continuous Web based access to real-time results

• Receive automated reporting right to your desktop

• Develop journey plans based on optimized territory designs

• Provide cycle activity calendars for uniform execution

• Use of software without incurring the overheads and cost structure

Field Sales Operations

• Outlet surveys

• Journey plan design

• Product location and service levels

• Reduce out-of-stocks, manage plan-o-grams

•Get new products to market quickly

• New channel identification to increase sales

• New distribution areas

• Execute special needs like launches or audits

• Using data capture tools for reporting on activities

Field Coaching

• On-the-job training and Quality-assurance

• Superior execution in the field

• Higher team spirit

• Effective feedback process

• Uniform work habits

• Uniform process implementation

Training & Development

• Selling & Promotional skills training

• Product and image training for the client

• Product presentation and bringing it to life

• Extensive role-playing scenarios

• Use of selling tools and sales reference binders

Survey and Audits

• In-store category audits

• Growing Shelf Presence and Displays

• Product Sales Training

• Product Demonstrations and consumer data gathering

• Market surveys and outlet mapping

• Store sales trend analysis

In-Store Merchandising

• Plan-o-gram Implementation

• Display Management

• Point of Sale merchandising

• Product Placement

• In-Store Audits

• Price Checks

• Product Sampling

• Tactical or adhock Work

•leaflet Installation & Replenishment

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