OutboundIt is an honor for us to introduce our company to your esteemed organization as consultants for outbound trainings. We are a team of management consultants delivering innovative and best in class outbound training solutions.

Our clients experienced our modules as innovative, adventurous and were unique learning exercise. Our modules are based on psychometric, experience and instructor -led trainings. The participants are engaged in various activities and monitored for various interpersonal skills. Each participant is given individual feedback by the consultant.

We have dedicated team of consultants and support staff. The outbound training support staff consists of international prize winning individuals who are best in trade. The international standard equipment is used for the safety of participants. We only practice those activities which are already tested and safe for individual experiencing it first time.

We will appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and share our experience and expertise in this area. We only do the customized activities so our trainings are more direct and result oriented.

We will certainly like to explore the opportunity of working together as your business partners to support you in growing your organization further.

Our Outbound Modules

Some of our outbound developmental modules are for the following areas;

  1. Individual Leadership
  2. Team Leadership
  3. Organizational Leadership
  4. Team Building
  5. Ethics & Business Conduct
  6. Communication
  7. Challenge & Personal Achievement
  8. Trustworthiness
  9. Stress Management

We can also customize according to client specific needs.

Team Leadership Outbound


Activity 1
Archery Contest
Learning Outcomes Archery is a versatile, competitive sport where your strength and accuracy are tested to the full, and is ideal to incorporate into a Team Building. The concept here is that not all of us can be great archers but some of us are more skilled. We need to support and give these people the leadership role to win for the team.The archery contest will help in:

  • Building confidence
  • Boosting morale
  • Bond a team through shared experience
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Demonstrate the value of learning a new skill
  • Encourage competition
Activity 2
Spider Web
Learning Outcomes The object of this activity is to get from one side of the spiders web to the other – but without touching it! If you even graze against the web, you must start again and your team loses all points Team members really need to pull together and help each other to cross over. Team cohesion and unity is essential for this activity.This activity will focus on:

  • Team Synchronization
  • Problem solving
  • Quality issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Strategic issues
Activity 3
Treasure Hunt
Learning Outcomes The Treasure Hunt is an ideal concept for a team building program. A key element to success here is teamwork, enabling individuals to work closely together and utilize many different skills. Such as:

  • Time management
  • Delegation
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Strategic planning

Above are just some of the keys to a good performance in our Treasure Hunts, which mirror many of the fundamental qualities required in corporate achievement.

Activity 4
Tug of War
Learning Outcomes This simple team building activity will bring out a person’s desire to succeed, and to succeed they must work closely with their team-mates to haul the opposing team across the marked out area.Take away from this activity will be:

  • Strategizing
  • Good communication
  • Utilizing team Strength
Activity 5
Blind Folded Tent Pitching
Learning Outcomes Blindfold Tent Pitching is a great way to illustrate the importance of communication, collaboration and seeing a job through from inception to completion. Working in small groups, teams will be tasked with the job of erecting a tent.Blindfold Tent Pitching is an excellent way to:

  • Improve verbal communication skills
  • Break down barriers and bond a team
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Illustrate the importance of team building in organizations
  • Take teams out of their comfort zones


• Transportation:
Air con Toyota Coasters from/to Islamabad. Logistic jeeps for rescue/ assistance


• Meals:
Lunch and refreshments will be served


• Music:
Traditional Local Music and Dhol.


• Security:
Security guards around campsite


• Team Building Games:
From suggestion to execution – covering all required game equipment


• Team of Skilled Trainers:
A team of skilled trainers will be there who will brief the teams at the start of each activity and once the activity is done they will debrief the teams on learning outcomes.


• Medical Facilities
Doctors and first aid equipment will be available throughout the training


• Supervisor & Support Staff:
Professional staff – supervising/performing the operational handling.